Do You Know The Benefits of Milk Powder

If you think milk powder is only used for tea and some kind of food items then you are wrong. You probably surprised to know about other amazing benefits of milk powder. Lets discussed some amazing benefits of milk powder that you never know before.

Shaving Gel

If your shaving gel finished or not available sometimes you can shave with milk powder with confidence as a shave gel. Mix it with and make a paste and used it as your shaving gel.

Insects Bite Pain Killer

Mix the same amount of milk powder and water together and add some salt. Now place this paste to the same area where insects bite and you have pain there. 

Restore Skin Moisture

If the skin is too dry, cool the milk powder and apply some quantities on your face. Leave it to absorb the ingredients. Wash after few minutes. 

Face Mask

Mix water and milk powder to make a thick paste and apply to your face as a face mask. Leave it for twenty minutes wait for it may dry and wash your face. 

Shine Your Teeth

The powder also helps keep your teeth pearly white and Healthy. Apply a little bit toothpaste on the brush and small amount of milk powder put on your toothpaste and brush your teeth. Do not try this procedure more than once than a week.

Polish your Silver Pots

Put the milk powder into water and then add lemon or vinegar to it. Silver Pots put into this water for half an hour and after wash these pots with soap and dry them. 

Khawaja Akmal Senior Comedian and Star Passed Away In Quetta

Comedy actor Khawaja Akmal left his fans. Khawaja Akmal, the leading comedy of Pakistan, died in Quetta due heart attack. Khawaja Akmal went to Quetta on a marriage ceremony Where he had a heart attack and passed away. Khawaja Akmal was buried in Karachi's local graveyard. The FPCCI president Zubair Tafael also attended the funeral with some stars of Showbiz.

On the other hand, famous comedy actor Umar Sharif, actor Hina Dilpazeer, and others expressed regret on died of Khawaja Akmal. Actor Khawaja Akmal always smashed a smile on all fans of his comedy role. His comedy role was liked in many plays, including comedy drama 'Rasgullay', 'Bubbles'.

Why Veins Looks Blue If Blood Is Red ?

The original color of blood is always red. It could not change but the question is why it looks blue in our veins the answers is that veins look blue because the light penetrates the skin and illuminate the red light and passes the blue light inside the skin because blue light has more wavelengths to go inside ours skin and red light absorbed by our skin.

Most people think that blood looks blue because of oxygen-rich blood coming from the heart through the arteries but that time blood become bright red and without oxygen, blood looks Dark Red.

Blood flow through the heart to arteries and after flows to tiny blood vessels that called capillaries in that moment blood gives oxygen to your body tissues. Lips look the reddest part of your body because it has more capillaries and now blood seems exhausted with oxygen and become dark red while returning back to the heart.

Nayatel Introduces 30Mbps Unlimited Video Streaming Bundle

Nayatel brings Unlimited Bundle Plus @30Mbps speed with Unlimited Video Streaming and Downloads for Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google Hangout, Google Play and Google Drive in just Rs. 399/month (Govt Tax Applicable).

30Mbps Data Bundle Plus will not consume your monthly data plan by the user following services where you are going to use absolutely unlimited streaming and downloading.
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Hangout
  • Google Play Store
  • Google Drive
Unlimited Bundle Plus is available for Home Packages in Islamabad and Rawalpindi only Rs. 399/month is in addition to your current Internet package. 30 Mbps internet speed is only for mentioned websites and applications. Normal browsing will be @current internet package. Unlimited Volume is only for mentioned websites and applications. Normal browsing will be @current package volume If the user account is locked due to any reason, Unlimited Bundle Plus will also be locked.

30 Mbps internet speed checked/verified via speed test websites. However, the customer can run a couple of YouTube videos at the same time and download anything from the internet. Your videos will run smooth and you will get your internet speed on your other download. This indicates that YouTube video is not using your base internet package speed. Similarly, your YouTube consumption (volume) will not replicate in your usage history.

YouTube videos played on any media (Laptop/Desktop, Cell Phone, Smart TV) are included in this package. If YouTube video is downloaded through IDM, the volume will not be consumed. In case, any other third party software is used to download the video, a volume may be consumed. Facebook Video/Audio calls will consume volume as per actual. One More thing if your going to use VPN for the videos the traffic goes through VPN and you are enabled to consume this data.

Nayatel called its 10Mbps unlimited bundle for 200 rupees per month in April 2017 and public really like this offer and now Nayatel gives the upgraded offer as 30Mbps which I mention above. following are some subscription details

To subscribe

  1. Go To
  2. Login (with your existing details) 
  3. Now Click The Unlimited Bundle Plus 
  4. Now Confirm 
You can also book your order by dialing following contact no
  • +9251111114444
  • +9251111114444

Uber Now Allows Chat Between Drivers and Riders In-app Chat

Uber Now allows chat between drivers and riders in-app chat to solve the issues calling the uber driver after booking the ride or finding the driver while he already comes to your way. With the new update of Uber app, you can tell your driver your exact location and he follows up with you with app chat. Booking an uber always convenient than other cabs if you getting late so this is the time to send a message to your uber driver to come fast.  Thanks, Uber to fix this problem.

Advantages of Uber In-app Chat 

As Uber explains, both riders and drivers will see whether their messages have been delivered and read, and all communication will be done in a driver-friendly way.

This Idea removes the problem to sharing riders and drivers contact numbers to each other. Drivers can respond with a "thumbs up" with just tap to stay focused on the roads and both driver and rider will able to see when chats are delivered and when they're read.

How To Start Chat With Your Uber Driver

When You Booked a ride with Uber you will able to see contact button at the bottom Tap on it and it will pop up a new tab where you can send text messages to your Uber driver. Call function also there if you want to use.

When drivers receive a chat from the rider, it will be read aloud to them. Drivers can acknowledge receipt with one tap to their app to send a “thumbs up” to their rider. That way, they can stay focused on the road”, said Uber.
This updating is rolling around the world soon you get your update. Happy Riding.

Get Your Easypaisa Virtual Debit Card For Online Payments

Telenor Easypaisa making the future easier and recently Easypaisa introduce a unique its product Virtual Debit Card for online payments where MasterCard accepted. Easypaisa Launches Virtual Debit Card to remove all the obstacle to making an online payment from Pakistan. People from Pakistan stumbling block to making an online payment like they want to study online or buy some kind of products from online selling store or some game lovers cannot pay for the next level. If you are facing this kind of problem then Easypaisa Virtual Debit Card perfect for you. I will explain further detail below this article regarding how it works.

Telenor Motive is "Easypaisa Virtual Debit Card Pay For AnyThing, Anywhere Online" Because almost every webist on the internet accept Mastercard. 

How to Make Your Easypaisa Virtual Master Card

As I say Easypaisa making future easier so making of your easypaisa virtual master card is very easy. you need the following things to make your life easier with Easypaisa Master Card


  • Easypaisa Account
  • An Android Mobile Phone
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Easypaisa Android App


Create your easy paisa account by simply Dialing *345*3737#  or call 345 to Create Your easypaisa pin and Activate your Easypaisa Account. Install Easypaisa Android App from the google play store and follow these steps.
  • Tap On The Virtual Debit Card Button 
  • Read Terms and Conditions and Press Accept 
  • Click To Create A Card 
  • Select The Validity Period of Your Card and Click Next

  • Select Your Maximum Monthly Spending Limit and Click Create
  • Confirm Your Details and Click To Create Card  
  • Your Card Is Now Active (From The Top Right Side of Your Card You Can Pause and Cancel your Card Immediately) 
  • The Back Of Your Card Has Your CVV Number (Click Middle Of the Card To See Back)

Now Enjoy Your Online Shopping with the very easy way now you need to deposit money into your easypaisa account. 

Benefits of Easypaisa Virtual Debit Card

  • Get Free Virtual Debit Card (No Annual Charges)
  • You Can Create A New Card Instantly  
  • Instant Cancellation 
  • Most Secure Because you Can Pause Your Card
  • Lowest Foreign Currency Conversion Rates For International websites.
  • No Paper Work Required
  • Never Lost or Stolen 
  • No Longer Bank Queues
  • You Can Set Your Own Monthly Spending Limits 


Virtual Card Creation Fee FREE
Virtual Card Replacement FREE
Transaction Payments made in PKR FREE
Transaction Payments made in currency other than PKR 2% of the transaction amount
 Prices and Fees are subject to change

Android Co-Founder Launches New Smartphone To Compete Apple

Andy Rubin who is the co-founder of Android OS and The owner of Essential Products has announced an extremely important Lastest Android Smartphone going to compete with Apple and Samsung upcoming era. Apple Also Planning Three New iPhone On 10th iPhone Anniversary.

Essential Smartphone PH1 is an Android Phone with 5.7 Inch touch screen display, PH1 has 12 MP front fish eye sensor camera. This camera is very low weight only 35 grams and can make a video with 30 frames of your photos per second with 360 Degree video.

Boday of PH1 made with Titanium other than the aluminum which most commonly used for the making of other smartphones. The internal memory of PH1 is 128 GB and 3040 mAh Battery
Another thing I am going to explain you about the availability for preorders of this new PH1 smartphone launched and has been kept limited to United Stated with price ratio 700 to 750 US Dollars. If you convert in Pakistan rupees this could be about 80000 Rs.

Nokia Icon 3310 Dual SIM Back With One Month Battery Time

Nokia Icon 3310 with dual sim back with battery standby up to one month. Nokia bring New 3310 with classic modern design in four different colors to choose and Classic Snake legendary game to play.

Amazing Updated Iconic Shape Nokia 3310

The Updated nokia 3310 have an iconic shape and curved screen window with readability in sunlight. Custom designed user interface brings fresh and iconic look.

Outside Options

  • Beautiful push buttons and iconic shaped design
  • Headphone jack for your tunes
  • 2.4” curved window with polarized layer for better readability in sunlight
  • 2 MP camera with LED flash for simple snaps
  • Available as dual SIM variant

Inside Features

  • 2G connectivity for calling and texting
  • All-new UI with nods to the original
  • Awesome battery life, with up to 22 hours talk time
  • FM radio and MP3 player for music
  • 16 MB storage3 plus a MicroSD card slot with support up to 32 GB

Nokia 3310 Boundless Battery With Battery For Days

Whenever you leave the house without charger and travel the long side you dont worry the new nokia 3310 with you. It Comes with long lasting battery you can call continue for two days and on stadby no need to charge upto one month. Mircro USB port available to charge when needed.

Play Game Classic Snake With nokia 330

Legendary Classic Snake game available with nokia 3310 to spend your time when you waitng for someone. Snake with little update makes more fun to play on color screen. Do You Still remember you high score? Now you can beat your high score.

Four great shades to choose from Nokia 3310

New Nokia 3310 fit to your style. Nokia 3310 comes with four different colors: Warm Red and yellow, Both with a gloss finish, and Dark Blue and Grey both with a mattle finish. It looks better for long time.

Apple And Nokia Become Best Friends Forever

Technology company Apple and mobile manufacturing company Nokia patent issue resolved with a new agreement between them for business collaboration. Last year December Nokia sue Apple in the court for the patent infringement of user interface, display, and video encoding. Now both companies sign an agreement to resolve to finish this issue. Apple can avail these services by paying for payments.

According to the agreement, Apple will allow to Nokia to sell its products by displaying in Apple specific sale stores and Nokia will be providing certain network infrastructure product and services to Apple. Apple also Completing 10 years to its iPhone Launch with Three New iPhone releasing.

This one-year agreement will be favorable for the Nokia to make million dollars profit against its patents providing to Apple.

Apple Planned Three New iPhone On 10th iPhone Anniversary

The King of mobile phones iPhone going to complete its 10 years in few months and setting to plan this occasion to celebrate. The first generation Apple iPhone model was introduced on 29th June 2007 and until now Apple introduced almost 15 different kinds of iPhones. Apple going to release three new models of iPhone to make its 10th anniversary to memorable.

Technology company Apple launching two iPhone with small changes in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and the third iPhone will be totally different kind of iPhone. This iPhone will be called redesign premium iPhone and Three iPhone will be released at once in the 10th year of company completing. At the end of this year, 2017 iPhone will be available for the end users.
iPhone 8 will feature edge to edge display and Touch ID Fingerprint sensor into the display means that no home button in new iPhone 8. Apple company facing problems to making touch ID under the display screen but we sure about that Apple will surely overcome these problems. Samsung tried a lot of time to put the sensor on the touch screen of the mobile device but cannot be succeeded and fingerprint put on the backside of the mobile phone.

Premium iPhone 8 also featured with the front camera with 3D video capture and can be recorded videos in 360 angles. iPhone lovers waiting for new iPhone 8 and soon they got a new tech iPhone with completely new features.