75 out of 100 Americans Suffer From Eating Disorders

Figures from a food disorders survey conducted by SELF, in collaboration with the University of North Carolina.

65% of US women who responded to a national SELF-survey have a disorderly eating pattern. "Although a disorderly diet does not have as harmful or even deadly effects as anorexia or bulimia, it can damage your emotional and physical health," says Cynthia Bulik, the director of the Eating Disorders Program. at the University of North Carolina (USA). And the problem is spreading in the United States.

The survey - which took place on the Internet - received responses from 4,000 women between 25 and 45 years old. These women completed a detailed questionnaire in order to classify their category of food disorientation.

Depending on the choices in the questionnaire, one could fall into one of the following 6 categories:

  1. prisoners of calories (they are terrified of gaining weight),
  2. nibblers,
  3. diet followers permanently (they can not conceive a life without a dieting plan to follow),
  4. Purgeuses (they want to constantly purge their body of calories by consuming laxatives, diuretics, etc.),
  5. fanatics of foods (they eat to relieve their stress or heal their anger, annoying or even to celebrate a happy event),
  6. crazy about physical activities (they play sports despite diseases or injuries, only to lose weight, and are devastated if they miss a workout).

Some respondents combine categories, others may switch from one category to another over time.

"Our survey found that these behaviors are common to all ethnic or cultural groups, and are not limited to a single group in the population." Women who identified their ethnicity as Hispanic, Caucasian, African, African American, Asian, etc. were all represented among women who reported unhealthy eating behaviors, "says Cynthia Bulik.

More than disturbing, the survey finds that 10% more women (outside the 65% who have a disorderly diet) suffer from either anorexia or bulimia. Which makes a total of 75% of American women (3 out of 4 women) who eat, think and act "abnormally" when it comes to food.

"What surprised us most was the surprisingly high number of women who engage in purging activities," says Cynthia Bulik, also a nutrition professor. "More than 31% of the women surveyed say that during an attempt to lose weight, they caused vomiting or took laxatives, diuretics or diet pills at some point in their lives. these women, over 50% purge their foods at least a few times a week and many of them do it every day. "

The information from the survey shows that extreme measures do not work. Low calories diets at less than 1,200 calories a day can save weight because the body will burn fewer calories and store more to protect itself from hunger. Read also what to do to eat less without starving yourself.

However, not all disordered eaters are obese or overweight. 53% of these respondents who are on a diet have a normal weight but are trying to change it.

And despite the stereotype that eating disorders affect mostly young women, the survey found that women in their 30s and 40s also report eating disorders at almost the same rates. Read also how to optimize your eating habits.

In essence, the study found that:

  • 75% of women surveyed report having problem eating behavior as well as eating disorders (TCA). That means that 3 out of 4 Americans have an unhealthy relationship with food or their body,
  • 67% of women (with the exception of those with TCA) are trying to lose weight,
  • 53% of diet followers already have a healthy weight, but still, try to lose weight,
  • 39% of women say they worry about what they eat or that their body weight can interfere with their happiness,
  • 37% of women regularly jump reaps to try to lose weight. What the experts advise against because by doing this, we can suffer emotional symptoms in the hours that follow,
  • 27% would be extremely upset if she took just 2 pounds,
  • 26% completely eliminate one of the food groups,
  • 16% have already followed a low-calorie diet at less than 1,000 calories a day,
  • 13% smoke to lose weight,
  • 12% often eat when they are not hungry (and 49% sometimes do)
  • 4% of respondents think of food for 90% of the awake time.

Dietary habits that women think are normal, such as banishing carbohydrates, skipping meals and in some cases making extreme diets, could actually be symptoms of eating disorders. Read also how to fight a food addiction to lose weight.

Adding Fresh Water and Air to Lose Weight

Adding fresh water and air to food could be a healthy and effective way to lose weight, a study reveals.
According to researchers working for the research laboratories of the food giant Unilever, using the subterfuge "liquid lunch" would prolong the state of satiety and therefore reduce the quantities ingested.

Scientists have found that giving more volume of food by some gas or water can make you feel fuller than usual, and then help reduce the amount of food you eat.

For their study, presented at the European Congress of Obesity in Geneva (Switzerland) in May 2008, these researchers proposed two meals in the form of the emulsion (suspension of really fine particles of a liquid inside another ) to 24 volunteers.

a Slim Fast milkshake.

The second meal contained only half of the nutrients in the first, the rest being water and gas similar to those found in whipped cream puffs.

But it was not about just injecting water and gas into the food. The milkshake (second meal) had to be designed to keep the gas in the food even after consumption, preventing it from dissolving in the mouth like what happens with whipped cream.

For that, the team of researchers mixed the fats, proteins, and fibers in the food until it finds the right mixture to retain the gas. And it is precisely a technology that could appear in other food products manufactured by Unilever.

In the opinion of "guinea pigs", the second meal reduced the appetite faster than the normal meal (the first one).

"What really surprised us is that the state of satiety has lasted from one to two hours or more," said researcher Sergei Melnikov (project manager in research and development on the management of body weight).

"But we know that the problem for some people is that this state of satiety often disappears after a while.

This problem of the rapid disappearance of satiety is often at the heart of the difficulty of dieting. Hence the interest in food products that can help you feel full, he said.

However, not all gases produce this effect: the carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide) found in soft drinks and other soft drinks cannot do the trick. "You need gases that can be stabilized in food so you do not leave the body until you reach the stomach," he said.

However, the team of Sergei Melnikov has not yet found why such meals filled with air and liquid manage to prolong satiety. She also does not know for sure whether the same effect could be replicated on solid foods.

Further research is needed to answer these questions, says the researcher. "We need more evidence, but it's certainly a simple beginning of the adventure," he says.

Whatever happens, the results of this study should be of interest to those responsible for the Slim Fast (a Unilever brand) meal substitute line, some of which is in the form of milkshakes. In any case, Unilever did not wait to file a patent on the technology found by the researcher Melnikov's team.

"The technology is now available for the Slim Fast line to integrate into future formats," said David Mela (a Unilever nutritionist who took part in the study).

Researcher Melnikov adds, "I would say that our conclusions are not limited to liquids, our technology could be used in other forms of food".

"If you look at Western populations, a large number of adults are overweight or obese," says Gert Meijer (a head of Research & Development at Unilever). "In terms of the amount of people who might be interested in this product, it can be huge," he enthuses.

Eating More Fruits and Vegetables Daily Loss Weight

This will reassure people who are adopting diets that showcase fruit and vegetable food families to lose weight.
Increased consumption of fruits, vegetables, dietary fiber, vitamins C and B6, beta-carotene and folate can stimulate weight loss in a population of overweight adults, according to a Brazilian study published in the journal "Nutrition Research".

Researchers at the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) calculated the effects of dietary components on weight loss, independent of exercise and total energy consumption over a 6-month period.

According to the researchers, led by the doctoral student Sartorelli, consuming 100 grams of additional fruit daily would lose 300 grams in weight after 6 months. Results were adjusted for age, gender, physical activity differences, and overall energy use of the study participants. Read also the list of high-fiber foods that can help you lose weight by clicking here.

Similarly, an increased consumption of 100 g of vegetables is linked to a reduction of 500 g of body weight over 6 months.

An increase in fiber consumption was also associated with weight loss. Each increase of 1 gram of total dietary fiber and fiber from fruits and vegetables was associated with a reduction in body weight of 115 grams and 180 grams respectively after the 6-month period.

In addition, differences in the consumption of vitamins C and B6, beta-carotene and folate were also associated with weight loss according to the study.

This study analyzed for 6 months a group of 80 overweight people (aged between 30 and 65). All participants took part in a nutritional counseling program during these six months.

The participants were divided into two groups: the control group and the intervention group. The intervention group had to eat more fruits and vegetables every day than the control group.

Participants in the intervention group received dietary advice during 3 individualized 6-month sessions, as well as dietary suggestions provided by a nutritionist (including increasing consumption of olive oil, fruits and vegetables, and reduce the consumption of saturated fats). This group also received written information and a 30-minute group session, which was received by the control group.

Food consumption was estimated from a questionnaire. Body Mass and Body Mass Index (BMI) measurements were taken at the beginning of the study and after 6 months.

The findings of the study suggest that a diet high in dietary fiber can help lose weight. One hypothesis to explain such results is the sensation of satiety felt after a high consumption of fibers.

Still, the researchers point out that previous studies suggest that foods that are naturally rich in fiber are associated with greater weight loss than those that are fiber-rich. This would indicate the role of other compounds contained in fruits and vegetables, which are not related to the fiber content, in weight loss.

The researchers conclude that more research is needed to elucidate the independent role of fruits and vegetables in controlling body weight. Also, read the colors of fruits and vegetables to choose to vary and keep healthy by clicking here.

More recently, a study published in May 2011 suggests that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, with fewer meats and fried foods, can lead to less weight gain. Researchers at Boston University (USA) found that African-American women whose main diet was based on fruits and vegetables gained less weight than those who consumed more meats and fried foods.

This study, conducted on more than 41,000 African-American women, was published in the journal "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition", and was the first to link a healthier diet and weight among African-American women, a population with a high rate of obesity. Dr. Deborah Boggs, head of the study, found that "people tend to eat a lot of food rather than a lot of calories," and that "a diet rich in red meats and fried foods can lead to excessive consumption of calories because these foods contain more calories than the same amount of fruits and vegetables.

The findings of this study are consistent with the one we discussed above, to say that eating more fruits and vegetables every day can help you lose weight. Also, read how to enhance the taste of your meals with 10 tasty fruits and vegetables by clicking here.

If you are used to regularly eating fruits and vegetables, do you find that you lose weight or keep your line more easily?

Drinking More Water Than Needed Would Not Improve Health

A study shows that drinking more than 1.5 liters of water a day does not really produce the desired benefits.
The Journal of the American Society of Nephrology has published a study that suggests that consuming more water than a body needs does not really bring more benefits. The researchers also suggested that drinking normally (only when you are thirsty) is enough. According to the authors of this study, there is a lack of evidence globally about the benefits that drinking a lot of water could bring to an organism.

While some people, like athletes, might need a lot of water, Dan Negoianu and Stanley Goldfarb of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia (USA) say there is no valid research of science to justify the usual advice to drink 1,

They looked more closely at several studies claiming that water consumption improves the filtering of toxins by the kidneys, and finds little scientifically significant evidence. "The question is: does drinking more water increase this normal and important function of the kidneys?" The answer is "no, in fact, strangely, it contributes to diminishing the ability of the kidneys to function as a filter." said Stanley Goldfarb.

The natural organs of the body normally make us drink water making us feel thirsty, but various arguments are used here and there to justify the need to drink more water. Some experts claim that drinking more helps remove toxins from the body, stop migraines, eat less, keep skin healthier.

It is also often said that drinking plenty of water helps to make a diet successful. While Dan Negoianu and Stanley Goldfarb admit that drinking more water allows people to reduce their appetite, they point out that no clinical trial or study has demonstrated the ability of water to maintain body weight (neither to beautify a complexion of the skin or to reduce the headaches).

They admit that dehydration can be very harmful (if you do not drink enough water), but find that there is very little evidence that drinking large amounts of water offers more health benefits. Both researchers actually deplore the lack of evidence about the virtues that drinking a lot of water is supposed to provide.
"For the majority of people, there is little concern, just drink when you're thirsty," says Stanley Goldfarb.
Official recommendations from government agencies encourage 6 to 8 glasses of water a day (1.5 to 2 liters of water). However, some experts find that these figures are provided based on estimates made by studies of fluid loss in the body each day, rather than on actual health benefits.

Some experts also believe that unless you do a lot of physical activity and sweat a lot, you do not need to drink much more than 1.5 liters of water every day. But for people who want to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, there are many tips.

And you, do you also think that it is not necessary to drink more than 1.5 liters of water a day? Or, on the contrary, have you seen various health benefits when you decided to drink more than 2 liters of water a day?

More Sleep Avoid You Getting Fat

Finding enough time to sleep helps to avoid getting fat according to various studies. Here are the details.

As absurd as the idea might seem, many epidemiological studies show that not getting enough sleep increases the risk of getting fat, and conversely, an overweight person may have trouble sleeping. But our society knows a modern evil: lack of sleep .

More than 30 studies from around the world have shown a correlation between insufficient sleep time and a high body mass index (BMI) , said Karine Spiegel (researcher at INSERM) at a conference organized by the French Institute for Nutrition.

"We have just discovered that lack of sleep acts on two hormones involved in the regulation of eating behavior:the secretion of ghrelin (which stimulates the appetite). With consequence an increase in hunger and palatability for food . And a penchant for foods high in fat and sugar such as confectionery, peanuts, cookies and cakes ... in other words, junk food, "says Karine Spiegel.

" One of the most interesting ideas that exist on this The subject of this topic is the recognition that sleep and sleep disturbances produce significant effects on the body, including influencing our body weight, "says David Rapoport, Associate Professor and Director. of the Sleep Medicine Program at New York University (USA).

Although doctors have known for a long time that many hormones are affected by sleep, Rapoport says that appetite is only recently taken into account. For this, it was not until extensive studies were conducted on the two hormones mentioned above (leptin and ghrelin).

The way these two hormones open the way to overeating has recently been explored in two studies conducted at the University of Chicago in Illinois and at Stanford University in California (both located in the United States).

In the University of Chicago study, doctors measured leptin levelsand ghrelin in 12 healthy men. They also noted their levels of hunger and appetite. Shortly after, these 12 men were subjected to two days of sleep deprivation followed by two days of prolonged sleep. Meanwhile, doctors continued to monitor hormone levels, appetite, and physical activity.

In the end, when sleep was restricted, leptin levels dropped and ghrelin levels increased. Unsurprisingly, the appetite of men has also increased proportionally. Their desire for carbohydrates and caloric foods has increased by 45% , which is very consistent.

The Stanford University study, on the other hand, found a more provocative sense of the leptin-ghrelin tandem effect. In this study (a joint project between Stanford University and Wisconsin University), approximately 1,000 volunteers reported the number of hours they slept each night. The doctors then measured their levels of ghrelin and leptin and then mapped their weight.

The result was eloquent. Those who slept less than eight hours a night had not only lower levels of leptin and higher levels of ghrelin, but they also had a higher level of body fat. In addition, this level of fat in the body seemed to correlate with their sleep patterns. More specifically, those who slept the least hours per night weighed the most.

The lack of sleep would be added to the extra calories and sedentary lifestyle to partly explain the increase in overweight. Our professional, family and social life has generated needs, which to be satisfied require an increase in our days and a reduction of our nights.

In France, according to a recent INPES survey, 45% of 25-45-year-olds report not sleeping enough and 17% say they have a permanent sleep debt. Some researchers also find that people who have difficulty sleeping tend to reduce their physical activity. But obesity creates breathing problems that resonate on sleep, says another researcher from Inserm, Professor Patrick Lévy.

Sleep apnea syndrome increases in frequency as a function of weight. It is defined during sleep by many stops of breathing more than 10 seconds. In the United States, 60 to 70% of people with this syndrome have obesity. Apnea decreases the quality of sleep. It tires and prevents its form, creating a vicious circle. Faced with the demands of time, healthy living (balanced diet, exercise and sleep) deserves to be protected if we want to limit obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Have you ever noticed that not getting enough sleep makes you fat? Read the comments or give your opinion further down this page. If you liked this article, please recommend it on Facebook, tweet it, give it a +1 vote on Google Plus

How to Wash Your Ears?

Washing your ears may seem simple but often, bad habits lead to the formation of earplugs, which are not without consequences for our hearing health.

Often, appointments at the ENT (Otorhinolaryngology, A Surgical who deals with conditions of the ear, nose, and throat) Who deals  are related to ear plugs formed in our ear. In question, bad habits when washing the ear canal.

What's Earwax?

The wax is a kind of natural wax which is formed in the auditory canal, at the outer ear. It is not dirty and its role is even fundamental since it prevents microbes, insects and other dust from entering the ear more deeply. We also know that it allows good sound transmission and protects the eardrum, a thin, very fragile membrane. So yes, we can remove the excess of unsightly ear wax on the visible part of the ear, but we do not remove everything!

Ban Cotton Swabs

ENTs do not recommend the use of cotton swabs, including those supposedly suitable for babies. Why ? Simply because the latter is often misused on the one hand - it pushes ear wax to the bottom of the ear, resulting in the formation of a plug - and irritates the ear canal on the other hand. Removing all cerumen (Earwax) leaves the ear unprotected and lubricated. Finally, the cotton swab may leave cotton particles in the ear and there will be more cerumen to accompany them to the exit.

Wash Your Ears Once a Week Maximum

For good ear health, avoid washing your ears too often. As stated above, you risk depriving the ear wax, its best protection. Once a week - or even once every ten days - is a reasonable pace and recommended by the experts. In case of spills, you can pass a wet handkerchief on the pavilion.

What About Sprays?

In case of excessive production of cerumen, it is possible to use a spray. Spray the product purchased in the pharmacy in the ear canal, tilt your head, massage lightly. This process will fragment the cerumen and help it flow outward. Renew the operation three or four consecutive nights from time to time. Be careful, do not have the eardrum pierced before using a spray! Consult an ENT in case of doubts or pain.

Ear Picks

True, their name is not very sexy, but it is an effective and safe tool. We find them in organic store. The ear cups, or ear curettes, remove the excess earwax, without going too far in the conduit. Due to its shape, it is impossible to push ear wax to the eardrum.

However, avoid going too far in trying to remove as much wax as possible: you could hurt yourself or damage your eardrum. It is a tool adapted to the hygiene of the little ones (to use with caution, station with the abrupt gestures) and of the big ones. The stainless steel ear pick is the best choice.

Simplest Wash

Some say they no longer wash "officially" the ears, without being swamped with earwax. Just a small stream of water in the morning in the shower in each ear. You can soap the pavilion quickly and you're done. Do not forget to wipe well when you leave, with your towel or tissue, to avoid leaving water in the conduit.

Do You Know The Benefits of Milk Powder

If you think milk powder is only used for tea and some kind of food items then you are wrong. You probably surprised to know about other amazing benefits of milk powder. Lets discussed some amazing benefits of milk powder that you never know before.

Shaving Gel

If your shaving gel finished or not available sometimes you can shave with milk powder with confidence as a shave gel. Mix it with and make a paste and used it as your shaving gel.

Insects Bite Pain Killer

Mix the same amount of milk powder and water together and add some salt. Now place this paste to the same area where insects bite and you have pain there. 

Restore Skin Moisture

If the skin is too dry, cool the milk powder and apply some quantities on your face. Leave it to absorb the ingredients. Wash after few minutes. 

Face Mask

Mix water and milk powder to make a thick paste and apply to your face as a face mask. Leave it for twenty minutes wait for it may dry and wash your face. 

Shine Your Teeth

The powder also helps keep your teeth pearly white and Healthy. Apply a little bit toothpaste on the brush and small amount of milk powder put on your toothpaste and brush your teeth. Do not try this procedure more than once than a week.

Polish your Silver Pots

Put the milk powder into water and then add lemon or vinegar to it. Silver Pots put into this water for half an hour and after wash these pots with soap and dry them. 

Khawaja Akmal Senior Comedian and Star Passed Away In Quetta

Comedy actor Khawaja Akmal left his fans. Khawaja Akmal, the leading comedy of Pakistan, died in Quetta due heart attack. Khawaja Akmal went to Quetta on a marriage ceremony Where he had a heart attack and passed away. Khawaja Akmal was buried in Karachi's local graveyard. The FPCCI president Zubair Tafael also attended the funeral with some stars of Showbiz.

On the other hand, famous comedy actor Umar Sharif, actor Hina Dilpazeer, and others expressed regret on died of Khawaja Akmal. Actor Khawaja Akmal always smashed a smile on all fans of his comedy role. His comedy role was liked in many plays, including comedy drama 'Rasgullay', 'Bubbles'.

Why Veins Looks Blue If Blood Is Red ?

The original color of blood is always red. It could not change but the question is why it looks blue in our veins the answers is that veins look blue because the light penetrates the skin and illuminate the red light and passes the blue light inside the skin because blue light has more wavelengths to go inside ours skin and red light absorbed by our skin.

Most people think that blood looks blue because of oxygen-rich blood coming from the heart through the arteries but that time blood become bright red and without oxygen, blood looks Dark Red.

Blood flow through the heart to arteries and after flows to tiny blood vessels that called capillaries in that moment blood gives oxygen to your body tissues. Lips look the reddest part of your body because it has more capillaries and now blood seems exhausted with oxygen and become dark red while returning back to the heart.

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