Pakistani Hulk World's Most Powerful Man


The Man from Mardan Arbab Khizar Hayat alias Khan Baba over the past few years of life, alias Khan Baba dominate the internet world because of its unusual weight and impressive body. Khan Baba and also has famous with name Pakistani Hulk claim to be the strongest man in the world.

With extraordinary weight of 436 kg, Khan Baba has shown a demonstration of his power. Including the following, which stopped tractor with both hands and the vehicle is stopped with one hand.
orld's Most Powerful Man 25 Year old Khan Baba Who belongs to very rich and wealthy family told a local reporter recently that In the year 2012 he has already been raised a weight of up to 5 thousand kg of the weightlifting competition held in Japan and This record was not broken until now.

When he was 18 years his weight suddenly increase They add such items to their food more calories instead of having to worry.

6 feet and 3 inches tall, Khan Baba also claimed that he eat daily 36 eggs 4 Chicken, 3 kg meat and drink 5 liters of milk. He have neither any disease nor they face any difficulty due to its weight. Khan Baba is very famous in Mardan community A number of people come to his house daily  to meet and pose a selfie with them.

Pakistani Hulk.The Strongest Man on Earth