100% Cash Margins Imposed on Mobile Phones, Vehicles and Other Consumer Products


On Friday State Bank of Pakistan Has Imposed 100% Cash Margin Requirement on The Import of Mobile Phones, Cigarettes, Jewelry, Vehicles, and Other Consumer Products such as Cosmetics, Personal Care, Electrical Home Appliances, Arms, and ammunition etc.

This Announcement Done on Friday by The State Bank of Pakistan To Discourage the import of these items.

100% Cash Margin Requirement made a shock for Pakistani Importers because it could be hard for them to import these capital goods with 100 percent cash margin requirement by the state bank and worried about this cash margin.

For the buyers, to understand what this means: These items are going to get expensive with this new development, however, Indirectly the people of Pakistan face this new kind of problem including importers and buyers persona.

Importers Worried About Imposition of 100% Cash Margin on Import of Consumer Items