Karan Singh Grover Workout Routine and Diet Secret

Karan Singh Grover famous for two things. First, He is the husband of Attractive and Beautiful Bollywood Actress Bipasha Basu and Second, He is very popular for his Super Fit Body and Abs. With a great personal character Karan Singh Grover like bodybuilding more than his acting.

He Becomes Indian Favorite Actor due to Drama Serial "Dill Mill Gayye" and "Qubool Hai' after he comes to Bollywood film industry. He works with Zareen Khan in the movie "Hate Story 3" and Work with Bipasha Basu in the movie "Alone". Both movies could not achieve box office. However,  with particular abilities and crazy smile soon he will get a good film

The public like his acting but may only in the TV Drama Serials and He is not successful in Bollywood Film Industry. Even his failure in films he is well known in Bollywood by his fitness and good looking. Everyone crazy for his dimple and smile. They want to know about his fitness and always want to ask about Karan Sing Grover Fitness and Diet Secret. If you still reading this content means that you are also want to know about Karan Sing Grover Workout Routine and Diet Plan Secret. 

Why Karan Singh Grover Like Work Out

He sat for an interview and He said "Exercise is my daily routine and my fitness is not about a film shooting and modeling project work out is always the part of my life. My Exercise is not only for my physical fitness but also very important for my mental health. I Always prefer to work out to stay calm to my mind. Exercise give me a lot of peace which is unspeakable"

Who is The Fitness Trainer of Karan Singh 

Every Young man wants to know about the trainer of Karan Singh Grover but nobody knows the real name of her trainer is Karan Sigh Grover. Again I told you he has no fitness trainer because Karan Singh like to train himself. He has a lot of friends who are the fitness trainer he always talks about and them he advises him but he doesn't like to adopt any kind of suggestion. His daily routine is yoga, Pushups, Sports and weight lifting.

 How He Manage Fitness While Film Shooting Days

In the film shooting days, Karan Singh has no time for exercise so he goes for the workout after finish his shooting. He adopts this habit from his wife Bipasha Basu. In the film alone Bipasha and Karan Singh go for exercise together. He said about Bipasha "when is started film alone I daily thought about my fitness that today I cannot go for Gym because the shooting was 7 am to 7 pm. I saw Bipasha who come early on the set and after shooting she go for the Gym. I ask her why you are not tired after whole the day work. She never compromises about his Gym Routine so I Adopt her habit which is amazing to me.

Food Plan Likes and Dislikes of Karan Singh

Karan Singh Grover is a Punjabi guy but he doesn't like the spicy food I always like home made food. whenever he is out of station then he enjoys a different kind of foods. He like biscuits chocolates but he is crazy about Besan ladoo. He eats 30 Ladoo only in three days and after he worried about his fitness and concentrate on work out for thirty days.

Fitness Suggestions by Karan Singh Grover To His Fans

Karan Singh Grove Said to his fans that I like basketball and swimming because I want to stay fit so, first of all, you never exercise to get strong body rather you need to exercise to stay healthy and active in your life. Every time you see mirror thought about yourself with a positive attitude you have to stay calm and achieve your goals. Before my acting career, i was a manager in a hotel my work time was very difficult to exercise about 18 hours but I never missed a chance to go Gym.

Who is the Fitness Ideal of Karan Singh

 Milind Soman (Indian supermodel, actor, film producer, and fitness promoter.) is the fitness ideal of Karan Singh because his age is 50 years old but still he look like a 30-year young man and this is because of Milind Soman fitness.