Salman Khan Real Life Angry Man and Aggressive Behaviour

Bollywood Star Salman Khan have a big heart but he is very angry in real life and has aggressive Behaviour. Public of the whole the world know about his anger not only in Bollywood that if Salman anger on anybody he never forgets them.

Last time Salman Khan fire an employee from his job who work as his manager. He was giving some private information about Salman Khan to the media and Salman angry with him.

First of all, Salman investigates the problem and then he fires his three bodyguards and his manager for their jobs. Salman Khan's manager Reshma Shetty was working as manager of Salman khan for fourteen years. She was giving the wrong information to the media about his family.

Salman khan has a lot of cases in the court but now he makes a court for himself and passes the order in few moments even his manager cannot appeal again to his court.

 Salman Khan Host Dus Ka Dum Third Season and the upcoming movie of Salman khan is Tubelight releasing at the end of June 2017.

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Salman always tries to care about his movie female star and give them a lot of gifts. In his movie Tubelight the chines female actress Zhu Zhu working with him and he also gift to her. The movie will release on this Eid al-Fitr.