Apple Planned Three New iPhone On 10th iPhone Anniversary

The King of mobile phones iPhone going to complete its 10 years in few months and setting to plan this occasion to celebrate. The first generation Apple iPhone model was introduced on 29th June 2007 and until now Apple introduced almost 15 different kinds of iPhones. Apple going to release three new models of iPhone to make its 10th anniversary to memorable.

Technology company Apple launching two iPhone with small changes in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and the third iPhone will be totally different kind of iPhone. This iPhone will be called redesign premium iPhone and Three iPhone will be released at once in the 10th year of company completing. At the end of this year, 2017 iPhone will be available for the end users.
iPhone 8 will feature edge to edge display and Touch ID Fingerprint sensor into the display means that no home button in new iPhone 8. Apple company facing problems to making touch ID under the display screen but we sure about that Apple will surely overcome these problems. Samsung tried a lot of time to put the sensor on the touch screen of the mobile device but cannot be succeeded and fingerprint put on the backside of the mobile phone.

Premium iPhone 8 also featured with the front camera with 3D video capture and can be recorded videos in 360 angles. iPhone lovers waiting for new iPhone 8 and soon they got a new tech iPhone with completely new features.