Android Co-Founder Launches New Smartphone To Compete Apple

Andy Rubin who is the co-founder of Android OS and The owner of Essential Products has announced an extremely important Lastest Android Smartphone going to compete with Apple and Samsung upcoming era. Apple Also Planning Three New iPhone On 10th iPhone Anniversary.

Essential Smartphone PH1 is an Android Phone with 5.7 Inch touch screen display, PH1 has 12 MP front fish eye sensor camera. This camera is very low weight only 35 grams and can make a video with 30 frames of your photos per second with 360 Degree video.

Boday of PH1 made with Titanium other than the aluminum which most commonly used for the making of other smartphones. The internal memory of PH1 is 128 GB and 3040 mAh Battery
Another thing I am going to explain you about the availability for preorders of this new PH1 smartphone launched and has been kept limited to United Stated with price ratio 700 to 750 US Dollars. If you convert in Pakistan rupees this could be about 80000 Rs.