Get Your Easypaisa Virtual Debit Card For Online Payments

Telenor Easypaisa making the future easier and recently Easypaisa introduce a unique its product Virtual Debit Card for online payments where MasterCard accepted. Easypaisa Launches Virtual Debit Card to remove all the obstacle to making an online payment from Pakistan. People from Pakistan stumbling block to making an online payment like they want to study online or buy some kind of products from online selling store or some game lovers cannot pay for the next level. If you are facing this kind of problem then Easypaisa Virtual Debit Card perfect for you. I will explain further detail below this article regarding how it works.

Telenor Motive is "Easypaisa Virtual Debit Card Pay For AnyThing, Anywhere Online" Because almost every webist on the internet accept Mastercard. 

How to Make Your Easypaisa Virtual Master Card

As I say Easypaisa making future easier so making of your easypaisa virtual master card is very easy. you need the following things to make your life easier with Easypaisa Master Card


  • Easypaisa Account
  • An Android Mobile Phone
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Easypaisa Android App


Create your easy paisa account by simply Dialing *345*3737#  or call 345 to Create Your easypaisa pin and Activate your Easypaisa Account. Install Easypaisa Android App from the google play store and follow these steps.
  • Tap On The Virtual Debit Card Button 
  • Read Terms and Conditions and Press Accept 
  • Click To Create A Card 
  • Select The Validity Period of Your Card and Click Next

  • Select Your Maximum Monthly Spending Limit and Click Create
  • Confirm Your Details and Click To Create Card  
  • Your Card Is Now Active (From The Top Right Side of Your Card You Can Pause and Cancel your Card Immediately) 
  • The Back Of Your Card Has Your CVV Number (Click Middle Of the Card To See Back)

Now Enjoy Your Online Shopping with the very easy way now you need to deposit money into your easypaisa account. 

Benefits of Easypaisa Virtual Debit Card

  • Get Free Virtual Debit Card (No Annual Charges)
  • You Can Create A New Card Instantly  
  • Instant Cancellation 
  • Most Secure Because you Can Pause Your Card
  • Lowest Foreign Currency Conversion Rates For International websites.
  • No Paper Work Required
  • Never Lost or Stolen 
  • No Longer Bank Queues
  • You Can Set Your Own Monthly Spending Limits 


Virtual Card Creation Fee FREE
Virtual Card Replacement FREE
Transaction Payments made in PKR FREE
Transaction Payments made in currency other than PKR 2% of the transaction amount
 Prices and Fees are subject to change