10 Best Plants To Help Your Slimming Techniques


Often overlooked for their benefits on our bodies, some plants can contribute to the loss of pounds. Of course, regular physical activity and healthy eating will be imperative for a winning combination.


Mint, can allow you to cut your nibbling cravings. To do this, use it preferably in essential oil.


Blackcurrant can be a powerful diuretic, which can also help you with urinary disorders (infections).


Orthosiphon, is recognized for its drainage virtues, which can help fight against water retention.

Ash Tree

The ash leaves can also help you fight against the encrusted cellulite (thighs, buttocks ...). It is an excellent draining.


Chicory will help you improve the quality of your digestion, to have a better hydration of your body. You can consume it in cold or hot brew.

Green Tea

Green tea is the drink of all diets. It is an excellent fat burner, diuretic, but also an ally for a flatter belly.

The Fucus

The fucus built into your diet, will prove to be a perfect appetite suppressant.

The Mate

The mate brings you sensations of satiety, it is also a stimulant in case of energy drop.

The Lemon Tree

The detox virtues of lemon are well established. Lemon can also help you storing encrusted fats.

The Dandelion

The number 1 plant to ELIMINATE is the dandelion !!!