10 Reasons Why You Should Experience Tantra Massage


Do you want to boost your sexuality? Do you want to wake up your senses? Tantric massage (or abandonment of self) will help you in the quest for your pleasure. Ready to discover 10 ways to reach the 7th heaven? here we go.

Movements Are Free

Even if the movements are totally free, it is essential to respect the meaning of our sexual energies (from the bottom up).

Tantric Massage Makes Vibrate

Tantric massage is practiced by slowly touching your partner. The idea is to do it with the greatest gentleness, because of the tender movements evoking as much eroticism as possible. A successful tantric massage brings up our genital energy throughout the body. A good way to spend pleasant moments.

A Real Moment For Both

When one receives a tantric massage, or by practicing it, one indulges in the other. It is a real moment of sexual complicity, of tenderness that allows an exchange of our energies.

It's a Subtle Love Exchange

You can practice tantric massage at any time of the day. However, it is necessary to create a universe where it feels naturally relaxed. It is usually done on a futon (you can very well installed a thick blanket on the floor), all to have maximum comfort for a perfect relaxation.

All Your Body Will Be Concerned

Tantric massage is practiced on all parts of the body of your partner. It is an exchange, it is mutually mass, often using essential oils. Create your love universe, languid music, scented candles, rose petals. let your imagination run free.

It's a Sensual Massage

It must be above all a sensual massage, or your 5 senses will be awakened. Tantra must be a moment of total fulfillment or you will be able to abandon yourself completely to your partner, without the slightest gene or complex.

Tantric Massage Is Not Necessarily Practiced Naked

You can practice it naked or dress in the outfit of your choice. The main thing is to be comfortable so that you can surrender completely to each other in perfect confidence.

Emotions Released

During a tantric massage, you must become aware of your body, breathe deeply. Only in this way will you achieve absolute relaxation, relaxation, the release of your emotions.

Tantric Massage A Different Sexuality

Tantrism allows couples to have a different sexuality, it is an ally that avoids routine, became aware of his body. Tantrism also allows you to listen to your partner, your desires.

The Caresses Stimulate The Energy Points

During a tantric massage or forget the stress of everyday life, one feels soothed. Our sexual energies are stimulated, our chakras will circulate and thus bring to a fullness.